The Forge of Mars
The Forge of Mars
September 2002




The Man, The Mystery, The Menace to Society

Bruce Balfour has been a fiction writer for longer than he can remember. Some people associate this with his ability to lie in a convincing manner, but he doesn't think he was very convincing until 1982, when he actually started to sell his fiction professionally. Now, he can lie with the best of them.

Bruce has also written non-fiction, the occasional script, the occasional play, many comic books, many computer game designs, and pretty much anything else that kept him off the street. His writing habit has been supported by a variety of other odd jobs, many of which were entirely legal. If you can't help but wonder about the evolution of this strange Bruce creature, go to the Biography.

If you feel the need, you can study Bruce's credit list.

The Digital Dead

Did I happen to mention The Digital Dead? It's the sequel to my national bestseller, The Forge of Mars. If you like futuristic thrillers, or international conspiracies, or San Francisco, or digital immortality, or you simply want to humor me, stop by the elaborate and fact-filled Digital Dead section of this website and have a look around. It has loads of reference and location photos, information about San Francisco's City of the Dead, an article about the unidentified bodies that still lie beneath the city, and so much more....

The Forge of Mars

Did I happen to mention my first national bestselling novel, The Forge of Mars? If you like hard science fiction, or futuristic thrillers, or international conspiracies, or novels about Mars, or recent Mars pictures, or if you simply want to humor me a second time, stop by the Forge of Mars section of this website and have a look around. You'll like it.

Prometheus Road

The mysterious Prometheus Road first appeared in bookstores in November of 2004 and is now available in eBook format. It has virtual reality, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, the future of Las Vegas, sunken San Francisco, and characters you'll remember. The Prometheus Road section of this website has all the details. And remember, keep your eyes on the Road.

Burning Season

If you're in the mood for a modern-day thriller about serial killers on the cutting edge of technology, I've got just the thing for you. It's a hot book with murders; locations in San Francisco, Hollywood, and Santa Cruz; eccentric Death Row inmates; and it inspires that paranoid feeling that someone is stalking you electronically as well. Burning Season is also a landmark event (at least for me) since it's the first time I've tried publishing in eBook format first. Be part of the experiment! Buy it on Amazon -- right now! There's no time to waste! Learn more about the book on this very website at Burning Season.

And thanks for stopping by to poke around in Bruce's head.

Bruce Balfour


"Writer at Work"
Art by Rich Powell, 1994








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